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5 Reasons Why You Need a Construction Management Consultancy for Your Project

Deavall Associates was built as a result of the 2008 recession which had hit the construction industry hard. Since 2010 our team has continued to grow alongside our already vast experience. Our dream was to create Deavall out of the dust that the construction industry was left in. Having done that, we now thrive on delivering the construction dreams of our clients.

Our experience in every aspect of the construction industry spanning over hundreds of projects gives us a profound knowledge into the importance of having a strong and reliable construction management consultancy working with you. Here we share why you should create your construction dream with a construction consultancy by your side.

Construction Is No Walk In the Park

No one said construction was easy. In fact, construction is widely regarded as one of the most turbulent industries since it can be so complex with all of the different elements needing to work symbiotically in order to deliver the final product.

A contract with Deavall Associates means adding a band of the best construction consultants to your team, with the promise of consistent communication and hands on approach from start to finish.

Get your Construction Project From Page to Approved

We can all agree that £6000 won’t build you a block of flats, but when it comes to large scale construction projects there can be hidden costs that first time heads may not have considered. Understanding and responding to these costs is essential to getting the go-ahead from the authorities and collaborators.

Our company objective has always been to support companies of all sizes throughout the vast array of construction sectors. For this reason, we can promise to minimise the costs of a project whilst maximising the value for money – all the while meeting and striving to exceed the required standards of safety and quality. In doing so the Deavall Associates team will ensure your project goes from the initial drawing board to approval.

Construction Consultancy Who Knows to Put Safety First

Take any day on the construction site and there will be a whole host of safety hazards. It is absolutely essential that these hazards are recognised, addressed and managed throughout the entire process. Most importantly this keeps your team safe, but it also ensures that the project can continue without interruption. We have our dedicated CDM (Construction Design Management) coordinator who works tirelessly to ensure the construction project meets CDM 2015 regulations from inception to completion. These regulations cover the management of health, safety, and welfare when carrying out any construction project.

Project Delivered On Time, On Quality, On Budget

For any owner of a construction project, these three things are imperative. From auto-CAD drafting and as-built production to quantity surveying, every service provided at our construction management consultancy works to ensure that the time scale and budget remain intact without compromising on the quality of the finished project.

Sleep Easy with Ultimate Support System

With so many critical components to keep your hands on and harness, it is unsurprising that heading a construction project can cause many a sleepless night. By delegating some of the responsibility to dedicated, experienced and professional construction management specialists, you can get some more shut-eye, safe in the knowledge that everything is being handled by the best.

Whether you are new to the construction scene, or are something of a veteran, if you require any assistance or management in your construction project, please take a look at our services pages for the specifics, or get in touch for a free consultation.


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