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The construction industry was one of the hardest hit in the 2008 recession. Construction projects for large firms and government property were put on hold or cancelled altogether. Increasingly on the news, in papers, and eventually from friends and colleagues, the redundancy numbers were being reported and they were growing. Finally, we were let go from our previous employment.


Rather than seeking work in an entirely new sector, I decided to put my determination and genuine desire to continue working in the construction industry together with my pick of the hardest working like-minded people. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Deavall Associates was formed in 2010 with the goal of providing the best specialist construction management services for the North West. 

construction management services


Based is Bolton, we are fiercely proud of our working roots and promote a professional, personal, and efficient construction management service. 

Being able to build our business was our dream, and now that we are living it we want to build the construction dreams of others, literally. We believe that everyone deserves to have quality commercial and management services in their construction project, no matter what the budget is.


construction project management

Building an office block on one thousand pounds is impossible. However, our construction services will help you to create a feasible construction plan and take it through to completion.

From crafting tender documentation and quantity surveying, to project management and dispute resolution, and everything in between we promise to provide a supportive, top quality, and committed service. We know how important communication is in a construction project which is why we make ourselves directly available as and when you need – even if we’re working up on the hills! 

See our services pages for more information.

Taking up your own construction project is no mean feat; even if you’re a genius, you cannot be in all places at once, dealing with every aspect. A contract with Deavall Associates is a sure way to keep sleeping easy, safe in the knowledge that a vastly experienced and motivated team is taking care of the important stuff.     


Taking on your own construction project isn’t a walk in the park, but with Deavall working at your side, you are sure to have a smoother ride. Deavall Associates Limited are a Commercial Services and Management Consultancy specialising in the implementation and continued use of best practice.

We bring only our best, to give you your best. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation to find out how Deavall Associates can help to build your construction dreams. 


Call us on 01204 452 225 or submit your enquiry through email at

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