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I established Deavall in 2010 but along with my team, selected individually on merit, we have experience in the construction industry that strides some twenty-plus years before that. 


Born out of the 2008 recession, I never considered abandoning the construction sector since that is where my creative and professional desire lies. 


Building Deavall Associates from the ashes of a struggling sector was my dream, and now that I am living that dream and letting it grow with the help of my trusted team, we want to continue to build the dreams of others, quite literally.

construction consultancy


Construction shouldn’t be reserved for the few. The Deavall mission is to provide the same high quality services to everyone, no matter the scale of the construction project or its budget.

Part of our passion for construction lies in its scope for variety. No two projects are the same. Nor are any two working days the same.


However, the dedication, professionalism and personalised approach of the Deavall team are consistent throughout every project and every day. Our growing number of clients, each enormously satisfied with our services, is testament to our work ethic. 


construction contracts

A contract with Deavall Associates is an assurance that we will be there to keep things running smoothly, and to take on the bumps, bricks and breaks in the road - the big and the small.


Our experience in liaising and working alongside third party companies such as Network Rail, National Grid and Local Authorities only adds to our ability to manage and assist in any construction project.

Project Estimation & Tendering Management 

Project estimation is one of the most important processes in the initial stages of a construction project and subsequent tender production.

Project Management  

We will manage your construction project pre delivery, during the delivery process, and after delivery is complete.

Commercial Management  

You want to know that your project will be completed on time, on budget, and with the intended quality. 


As a construction consultancy in Greater Manchester, our services are available from conception, throughout the construction, all the way to completion. The services we offer include:

Quantity Surveying 

We manage all costs relating to the construction project; from the initial estimations stages through to the final figures.

Contractual Claims & Dispute Resolution 

Heading a project, you will hope for a smooth operation from start to finish. Sometimes construction doesn’t work that way. We are here to help.

Contract Reviews

For years we have produced and received contracts and are well-versed in what distinguishes a solid and professional contract. 

Feasibility Analysis

Establish whether a project is viable considering budget and constructability. We can also identify improvements and solutions. 

Construction Management  

We wish construction was as easy as ABC, but it isn’t. However, Deavall construction management will make the stumbling blocks far more manageable.

Safety Management and CDM Compliance

On any construction site, there is a multitude of safety hazards. These hazards must be recognised, addressed and managed throughout the entire process.

AutoCAD Drafting and As-Built Production

Plans change. Computer aided design enables easy updates and alterations. At project completion, as-built drawings are essential for showing accurate final placements and dimensions.


Taking on your own construction project isn’t a walk in the park, but with Deavall working at your side, you are sure to have a smoother ride. Deavall Associates Limited are a Commercial Services and Construction Management Consultancy specialising in the implementation and continued use of best practice.

We bring only our best, to give you your best. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation to find out how Deavall Associates can help to build your construction dreams. 


Call us on 01204 452 225 or submit your enquiry through email at

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